Big Announcement

Dear Everyone,

I think it’s high time that I acknowledge something about myself. I’ve been keeping it a secret for a while because I wasn’t ready to show anyone. However, the weight of my lie has become too much to handle and I can no longer keep silent.

I am a person with a website now.

Take a moment to let it sink in. I know it might be a surprise to you but if you really think about it, weren’t the signs always there? You kind of always knew, didn’t you? Deep down, I think we all knew who I really am. I am a person with a website.

I hope you don’t look at me differently now. I’m still me. I’m just a me with a website. Please understand that I am more than just my website. I don’t derive my self-worth from my website. My website isn’t me.  It’s just an extension of me that I really hope you like or it would literally destroy me.

Thank you for seeing the real me that exists online.

I am a person with a website now.



3 thoughts on “Big Announcement

  1. My dear Amelia. Your last sentence troubles me. You are not “a website”. You are so much more than “a website”. You are my niece who has “a website.” I am sorry you were burdened, but I am glad you shared. Let me share that, while I do not have a website, I have been known to frequent many websites…they are a most plesant diversion. I am so proud of you, and happy to add you to their number. Love you, Aunt D

  2. I guess I’m not shocked but I’m still speechless. Can’t wait to hyperlink.

  3. That little picture of your face in a circle is real cute! I like your hair! 💁🏻‍♀️

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